Chapter 11

Chapter 11 cases under the Bankruptcy Code involve the reorganization of a business, or high debt individual, under the protection of the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy “Automatic Stay.” Under Chapter 11, you generally stay in the driver’s seat of your affairs, or business, while under Court supervision. In some rare instances the Court may appoint a Chapter 11 Trustee if you fail to follow the rules set forth in the Bankruptcy Code. Businesses and individuals may restructure their debt into a Plan of Reorganization over time, based on income and expenses, without the harassment of creditors or taxing authorities. An МВ attorney is here to help you decide if a Chapter 11 case is right for you, or your business, and is available to assist with:

  • Filing Complex Bankruptcy Schedules
  • Assisting Preparation and Filing of Monthly Reports
  • Confirmation Hearings
  • Initial Debtor Interviews
  • 341 “Meetings of Creditors”
  • Preparing and Filing Case Management Reports
  • Preparing and Filing all necessary Motions
  • Calendaring and meeting all required deadlines
  • Protection from Violations of the Automatic Stay
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Navigating Communications with the Bankruptcy Trustee
  • Defending Motions by Trustees, Creditors, or Interested Parties
  • Navigating Communication with Creditors and Creditor’s Committees
  • 2004 Examinations
  • Adversary Proceedings to Avoid Preferences and Fraudulent Transfers
  • Defending Adversary Proceedings